What are the Stroke symptoms?


A stroke is like a heart attack except that brain is affected. It cuts off blood supply to important cells which die.

stroke, stroke symthoms

The stroke patient suffers the symptoms as follows which depends on:-
– How big is the affected area – it may be so small that the patient may not be aware that a stroke has happened when it is too small to be discovered or death will occur when it is so large.
– Where it is affected.

The patient is not aware that he has had a stroke when an unimportant area of the brain is affected, thus visual defects occur and the patient will be unable to see or speak when the brain centre concerned with vision or speech is affected which can lead to disorders of speech – inability to speak or understand or unable to those clearly.

In addition, entensive damage will follow when the part of the brain where a lot of nerve fibres are collected together is affected.

Paralysis of the same side of the face and the limbs of one side of the body are the major forms of symptoms. On the other hand, the facial muscles can be unaffected and one limb can be much weaker than the other. Loss of sensation on one side of the limbs and body, legs trembling and disorder of walking could happen.

In conclusion, we need to exercise a healthy lifestyle especially regarding stroke since it can cause impairment of intellectual capacity.

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