How to prevent HPV infections?


How to prevent HPV infection?
Condom is one of the way to prevent HPV infection. Although condom can’t prevent HPV infection 100%, condom will lower the risk of HPV infection. So, it’s good to practice safe sex.

Besides, HPV vaccines is another common way to prevent HPV infections. Although it doesn’t protect from all HPV, it prevents the high risk HPV infection that is associated with cervical cancer and genital warts.

By limit the numbers of sexual partners also able to reduce the risk of HPV infections. It’s good if you can have a long term relationship with one person, this will greatly reduce the risk of HPV infections.

Lastly, make sure both you and your partner are tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infection). Since HPV spread through skin to skin sexual contact, it’s good to ensure both of you are free from STD (sexual transmitted disease)

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