What is Pap smear (or known as Pap Test)?


Pap smear (or Pap test) is a test to find abnormal cell at the surface of the cervix. During the Pap smear, cells are collected from the cervix and sent for test. Pap smear is a quick, simple and reliable test. It helps to lower the chances of cervical cancer.

Since HPV is difficult to be spotted because it may remain dormant in the cervical cells for months or years. During the dormant state, HPV virus is inactive and it can’t be detected by testing and it will not spread or shows any symptoms.

When to have pap smear test?
It’s good to have pap smear test when you start having sex. Conduct pap smear test once every year it’s good enough. Some suggest to have pap smear test every year until it shows 3 normal then you may conduct the pap smear test again once every 3 years. In short, i still recommend you to consult your doctor on how often you should do the pap smear test.

The results of the pap smear test will tell you if your cervix cell are normal and healthy.

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