What is the treatment for Hypertension?


A better way to treat hypertension after it is diagnosed is by the use of drugs. Generally, the use of a single drug can regulate mild hypertension but more than one drug is required to regulate higher levels of BP. Below lists the most common used groups of drugs for the control of hypertension in addition to their side effects:

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Diuretics: may cause a person to urinate frequently.

Beta Blockers: may cause the heart rate to slow down.

Vasodilators: dilates the small arteries and some of these drugs could cause a marked fall of the BP level if taken overdose.

Although almost all the drugs have unwanted side effects, these side effects will gradually diminish after the drug has been taken for some period of time. Patients will usually be warned by doctors of possible side effects and when these are bearable and do not halt the patient from his daily activities, the drugs should be consumed as prescribed.

There are patients who have high blood pressure can get used to the medication after for some time. For example, when their blood pressure level has gone down, initially they may complain of some giddiness. Therefore, patients should not stop the medications as they will soon get used to having normal blood pressure again.

To this point, drugs for hypertension have to be taken without stopping and dosage changes should be done only through the advice of the doctor.

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