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Hypoglycaemic and Hyperglycaemic

At present, such other complications of diabetes mellitus are not so common since celebrities for example, Nick Jonas is affected too and as the public become more aware of their health and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Other complications that are regarded as acute metabolic can be divided into:

  • Hypoglycaemic
  • Hyperglycaemia: It can be further divided into:
    i) Ketoacidosis
    ii) Hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome (HHNS)

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What is the treatment for Hypertension?

A better way to treat hypertension after it is diagnosed is by the use of drugs. Generally, the use of a single drug can regulate mild hypertension but more than one drug is required to regulate higher levels of BP. Below lists the most common used groups of drugs for the control of hypertension in addition to their side effects:

hypertension treatment, hypertension

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What are the Stroke symptoms?

A stroke is like a heart attack except that brain is affected. It cuts off blood supply to important cells which die.

stroke, stroke symthoms

The stroke patient suffers the symptoms as follows which depends on:-
– How big is the affected area – it may be so small that the patient may not be aware that a stroke has happened when it is too small to be discovered or death will occur when it is so large.
– Where it is affected.
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