How to lose weight effectively?


Losing weight too quickly or suddenly may be a very dangerous things to do. Diet pills or fasting may seem to help in losing weight the quick way but these methods are only temporary and as soon as you stop eating the diet pills or fasting, you often find your weight gaining rapidly and more than your previous weight. The best way to lose weight would be to follow the below suggested steps

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FDA approves first birth-control pill meant to end women’s periods


pill, birth-control pill, birth control pill, family planning pillWASHINGTON – The first birth-control pill meant to put a stop to women’s monthly periods indefinitely won federal approval Tuesday.

Called Lybrel, it’s the first such pill to receive Food and Drug Administration approval for continuous use. When taken daily, the pill can halt women’s menstrual periods indefinitely and prevent pregnancies.

Lybrel is the latest approved oral contraceptive to depart from the 21-days-on, seven-days-off regimen that had been standard since birth-control pill sales began in the 1960s. The pill, manufactured by Wyeth, is the first designed to put off periods altogether when taken without break.
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Mandarin oranges cut liver cancer risks


mandarin oranges, oranges, mandarin oranges cancer, liver cancerJapanese researchers say they found that eating mandarin oranges or drinking mandarin oranges juice could help lower the risk of liver cancer, and possibly heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The two studies leading to the announcement of the findings took place at Kyoto Prefectual University of Medicine and the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science in Japan. The first study found that none of the patients suffering from a type of hepatitis who drank a specially prepared beverage containing mandarin orange juice daily for one year was diagnosed with liver cancer. In comparison, 8.9 percent of 45 other patients who were not assigned the special beverage with mandarin oranges were diagnosed with liver cancer.
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