What is the main causes of Hypertension?


As discussed earlier, the constriction of the small arteries or arterioles is in fact one of the fundamental mechanisms of hypertension. Even in a healthy person’s bodily function, there is still constriction of the small arteries or arterioles during when someone is in a frightening or worrying or high spirits situation and heavy workout.

cause of hypertension, hypertension

On the other hand, although a person who is suffering from hypertension does not show any sign of high spirits or pressure, his or her arterioles or arteries are still not constricted in proper orders or functions.

There are between ninety to ninety-five percent of all hypertensives. They are described as suffering from Essential Hypertension which is a mysterious condition and that the cause is not yet known. However, we do know that this condition is normally found in older people who are 50 years and above. It is also related to a strong family history of hypertension which is identified as Type A personality or we can relate to people who are always too punctual for appointments, taut, strenuous, workaholics, and cannot seem to relax. All these happen a lot in big cities in comparison with rural areas. The final causes are from cigarette smoking, overweight and types of diet.

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