Functions of the liver


Liver has three basic functions – vascular, metabolic and secretory.

The liver’s vascular function includes being a major blood reservoir. Liver filters over one litre of blood per minute, ensuring the blood is free from bacteria, endotoxins and various other complexes. It helps to ensure the cleanliness of the blood.

functions of liver
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How to prevent cervical cancer?


It’s good to prevent cervical cancer as cervical cancer is difficult to be spotted. To prevent cervical cancer, first we need to prevent HPV infections, as most of the cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection.
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What is Pap smear (or known as Pap Test)?


Pap smear (or Pap test) is a test to find abnormal cell at the surface of the cervix. During the Pap smear, cells are collected from the cervix and sent for test. Pap smear is a quick, simple and reliable test. It helps to lower the chances of cervical cancer.
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